Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tom Gauld

I came across Tom Gauld's illustrations at the Artists' Book Fair last December and so it was interesting to see someone i recognised at yesterday's exhibition. I particularly like Gauld's ability to tell a story through such simple illustrations and minimal use of text. Also i am amazed by his perfect handwriting, i bought a copy of his A5 Postcards at the book fair and he signed them for me but it's so neat it looks like it was just printed on there. He definately doesn't have a doctors signature!! 

- I don't know how to rotate pictures, so i'm sorry, you'll have to do the whole tilt your head thing.....
There are 12 postcards in total, i won't post them all on here because by the time you've finished looking you won't be able to move your neck!.... If anyone wants me to bring them in though so you can have a proper look just let me know.

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