Wednesday, 23 March 2011

London Print Club

I had an illusion about what screenprints typically looked like - think black and white, fine detail - and seeing the variety of prints on the wall here seriously changed that perception for me and made me more open to experimenting with screenprints. (So far, i'm not a fan of the printing process at all, hopefully now that will change...)
I don't know why but i'd never thought of screenprints being like this, with bold shapes, a sense of innocence and so simplistic. It relates well to our children's book project and i was really drawn to the simplified shapes and repetition.

This piece, done in the style of cross-stitch has a feeling of nostalgia but the content actually relates to the changing of technology over the last 27 years. I like the juxtaposition of ideas and it's reminded me that you don't have to use something obvious to represent an idea, it's good to 'mix things up'!

I took a photo of this because i was drawn to how the drip has been continued down, off the image and onto the wall. It's made me think about how forming a relationship between your work and the wall it's presented on can be achieved so simply. This extended drip is really effective and adds that little extra interest to the piece.

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