Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Change of direction for America project

I was intending to look at the Size 0 phenomenon for my project but in all seriousness i don't think i have the emotional stability to spend months researching and working on such a project. I'd probably use that idea for something else because it's still an issue that affects me and so many other people but for this particular module i am going to change my idea...
I want to look at American TV/movies and moviestars, perhaps narrowing it down to one particular genre as i go along and my initial idea is to use my attraction to comic books to make a sort of collection of responses to the shows in that format. This will allow me to demonstrate and experiment with as many different illustrative styles as i like, as well as taking influence from subjects that interest me.
In my head at this stage, i see a book with short narratives on each of my favourite scenes/TV shows in a comic-book format, a metaphorical collage of existing characters and storylines. If it turns out that this is plagurism or not an 'original enough' idea, i can just use the same characters and make up my own storylines- there is plenty of room here to change certain elements and make it 'my own'.
I feel confident that this new idea will provide me with enough variety of research and experimental work to create an extensive response to the brief.

Any thoughts/responses to this mini proposal would be greatly appreciated! =)

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