Monday, 21 March 2011

Thinspiration websites - labelled as "pro-ana" (for anorexia)

It's no wonder young girls/women are affected by the need to be really skinny when there are websites like this around.
It even gives you the option to donate money to keep the site running. What sort of people would do that?..

I noticed too, that to look at the 'thinspiration' pics is free and instantly accessible but to look at 'curvspiration' or those aimed at bigger sized people, you have to make an account and sign up... What's that all about?.....

One that's actually on this website.... You have to be a pretty strong minded person to go through these sites and not be affected in some way. Again, it's no wonder people start starving themselves after trawling through pages and pages of stick-thin women...

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