Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Room One at pick me up, with the dancing coke can!

Being a fan of all things small, i was really drawn to these little models, i could see myself making tiny plasticine men for the boats! I also liked the fact that these such pieces were at a graphic design fair, it makes me think my enjoyment of making models is not wasted...

Babycrow screenprint - Thanks to hand-me-downs from my brother, i've always had a certain amount of love for TMNT, so i thought this print was quite cool and only £15... bargain!

Puck Collective - We got a free zine from Puck, they said they'd made one for every day they'd been there. I just love how random it is, the last page in particular with the woman in an exercise position. Put by herself just makes it look quite funny. Also the caption about the glamour model: "Emily's best song is fuck da police, She likes to listen to it whilst kicking prams around inner-city carparks." - so random!

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