Wednesday, 23 March 2011

McBess book with vinyl (yes im obsessed ok..)

This book is a story about a song that Mcbess wrote and the accompanying vinyl is the song itself. (I haven't listened to it yet so i'll let you know what it's like!) The illustrations are amazing (naff word i know) and i've looked through it at least 10 times already. I'm pretty anal when it comes to my books - no bending the spine, no sticky fingers etc etc (yes i know that's sad) and so i haven't scanned it in but here are a few photos of it and there's a link at the bottom to a video flick through on McBess's site if you want a better look... - it's a pretty naff video actually, he obviously doesn't want to give much away! But again, if you want to have a look at the real thing just let me know and i'll bring it in =)

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