Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Book List!!

After several "oh darn, i've been ripped off" experiences, i'm reluctant to buy books now when i know i can get them elsewhere and what with my book collecting becoming a tad obsessive and rather expensive i had to hold back today and not buy one of everything! Here (more for my own reference than anything else) is my 'want' list. If you have any ideas or know of any books you like/think i might like, add a comment. "One Can Never Have Enough Books." afterall!

http://www.sozi.com/my-shop/33-her-idea-book  - a simply coloured but beautifully produced children's book. Another one i wouldn't let my children have though!....   "Her Idea"  (the rest of the website is pretty cool too and has a link to the blog)


A collection of illustrators who have created an A-Z of animals, a really interesting variety of styles and highly inspirational. (I think i need to eat my words here though because it seems to only be avaliable in America... If you find it online / anywhere in UK, please let me know!)


Hyperactive Typography
Created in the format of a child's educational book - complete with games and interactive activities! - but the actual content aim to teach adults about typography and all the little details. For someone like me where typography is definately not a strong point, this book is perfect!

http://www.hyperactivitypography.com/preview/index.html  - this link is for an online flick through of the book. Not a patch on the real thing but you can get the general idea...


Another collective of illustrators who work with pen and ink - my preferred method so far..


And finally... unrelated to graphics but just something i'd love to own.....
I'm pretty sure if i won the lottery (or even just a bit!) i'd get a truck-load of books... i think i'm addicted and i could be here all night, pretty much talking to myself about all the books i want..... So on that note.. I'll quit while i'm ahead!

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