Saturday, 26 March 2011

Support Module - FashionTwista

I've decided to look at fashion illustration for my playing card designs and i think i've come up with a way to work from existing designs/photographs without copying them exactly, thus 'making them my own' (for want of a better phrase!) 
I've been making collages from fashion magazines, using body parts from different photographs to make up one figure, then photocopying them down to a4 size, then tracing them and 'fixing' the linework, ensuring everything joins up properly and looks as 'normal' as possible.

Here are my first three designs, i printed one yesterday and have got the other two drypoints to work on over the weekend.

 I've named my series FashionTwista (instead of fashionista) which relates to the strange 'twist' of body parts and the idea of mixing up what you'd expect to see normally. After a few more experiments of this technique, i'd like to use less tracing and more of my own illustrations, perhaps combining the two. I don't like tracing very much because it feels like i'm 'cheating' but at this stage i see it all as good practise for body shapes and features.

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