Monday, 11 April 2011

Wuff, Snuff and Tuff

I've discovered this old book shop in Felixstowe and it is amaaazing. It's literally like an Aladdin's cave, the layout is like a maze, it goes through a long twisted pathway of book-shelves, full top to bottom with second hand, old, rare, pretty much any book you can imagine. It's quite cheap aswell, i got 50% off. I hope that doesn't mean it's closing down because if you could ever fall in love with a shop... i have with this one!!

I headed straight for the children's section in a hunt for some interesting illustrations and i found this wondeful book from the 1940's (which only cost me £1.50!!). Wuff, Snuff and Tuff are mischevious puppies and each 4 panel strip includes a little adventure where they learn something new about the world. I love the nostalgic feel to the book, the simplicity of the design and illustrations and the inclusion of 'games' in the back. I'm definately heading back to the shop with my next student loan to stock up on more old books... my new obsession!

You can't see it very well but the original owner had signed her name in the front, along with the date: 2.12.47. There's something about the fact is has been personalised that makes me treasure this book even more, to imagine all the previous owners.. I dunno, it's just the geek in me i guess!!

It's now my mission to get hold of this 1948 annual...

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