Monday, 18 April 2011

Street Art - without the crime?...

Whilst looking at more Carhartt adverts, i stumbled across The Wooster Collective (more street art) and found this blog post where 'Flux' had created little pieces on cardboard and stuck them around the streets of Guelph (Canada). I really like this idea, it's quite cute (for want of a much better word), it's not really the way you'd expect to see street art, well i wouldn't anyway. Cardboard has a beautiful tone to it i think, particularly corrugated card, sometimes the cheaper the better and it's use here enables the white characters the stand out and has a nice 'home-made' feel to it. Mostly, it got me to thinking... here is a way i could post my art around the streets without actually committing a crime! Hmmm.... Watch this space!!

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    It's making my internet slow but this looks like a great site if you can get it to work!! I was thinking the other day how cool a website like this would be, and I found one :)