Monday, 18 April 2011

My new discovery - courtesy of Laura... thanks!

I was looking at Laura's blog today, cause let's face it, hers is the best!! =) Anyways i saw her post on LWL which i had (shamefully) never heard of but is now my mission to get hold of as  many back issues as possible! I went on the website and found a few illustrations i like, i'm binging on my references at the minute because of my lack of confidence in a way i guess to get on and do my own! My thought is that the more i have to work from in terms of drawing styles, the more likely i am to find at least one way in which i can work!! Here's some of my favourite stuff....

Loved this film, which is reason enough to like the poster!
But i also like the use of pencil although i sort of think it looks
like it's been 'perfected' digitally...(?)

Glows in the Dark!! Enough said! - Anyone know of any good quality
 (as in it actually works..) glow in the dark pens/paint?

I've always liked bold, stencil-like illustrations although i wouldn't really
 know where to start myself... If i can work it out,
then something like this would be great for a screenprint.

I like how the linework here is made up of rough, scribbly marks.
At first glance i thought it was created via blocks of various tones but the
close-up photo showed different. I want to try a rough style in my work.
(similarly to one of my previous posts with the rough pencil drawings)

I'm now off to seek out back-issues of LWL -thanks again Laura for introducing me to it! - if anyone already knows a site/shop where i can get them please let me know =) 

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  1. It's more a film magazine but the art soo gorgeous! I think there might be some back issues on their site although I think they sell out quite quickly. I first saw it in the market in town and now Jack always gets it. I've got a few back issues at home atm that I could bring in?