Monday, 25 April 2011

Cardboard writing

As inspired by one of my previous artist posts, i decided to create some text to go alongside my boombox. I didn't want the letters to be neat or 'perfect' but to fit in with the 'work it out as i go along' technique i used for my previous piece. I'm not sure that worked out very well here, i don't particularly like the results but i'm glad i tried it out anyway and i might find a use for them later on.

I experimented with adding extra pieces (the 'r' in born) and then ripping and crinkling the cardboard to get additional textures. That's definately what i like most about corrugated card: the wide range of textures you can get from it and the fact you can use it to create almost anything.

I then photographed the letters on an old lined paper notepad. The pages have aged naturally and have a beautiful look to them, unfortunately the pad is A5 so i had to split the design up...

I like when text in books doesn't make immediate sense, instinctively we read left to right/top to bottom and that doesn't work here. I think this allows the letters to be seen as individual 'creations' rather than just to serve a purpose and also it takes a little longer to decipher the text.

The phrase says 'Born From A Boombox' which I stole borrowed from Step Up 3, to me it sums up how much music is a part of my life and despite being cheesy i think it works!...

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