Friday, 1 April 2011

I like the mixure of linework here, the clear, the scruffy, the shading, the detailed, the simple: it's shown me that you don't have to follow one technique in an illustration. It can work very well to 'mix things up'.

I particularly like this one, i wish there was a poster version!

Sorry, i still can't rotate pictures. It's the 'taking part that counts'..... At least i'm trying! =)

Dave lent me this book today which is simply full of awesomeness, the variety of linework, use of collage, hand-written text in the backgrounds are all really appealing to me and very relevant for both my American and Support modules. I am using illustration as the main part for both projects and to see a style like this with such a quick, natural feel to it has inspired me to be less of a perfectionist (or at least try!) and just 'go with the flow', literally. The freedom of the lines in these illustrations create such a sense of movement and although they're not clean and 'perfectly' crafted they look so effective. I am going to try this style in my own work. Get the pencils at the ready!! 

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