Wednesday, 20 April 2011

More cardboard boombox...

I think it's quicker to post my process on here rather than in my sketchbook, with taking photos, printing them out, cutting and sticking, analysing etc etc, you get my drift(!) so for now my blog will act as a 'work in process' digital sketchbook!...

That said, here's my current stage of the boombox, i'm quite happy with how it's coming out.

Im going to fix the dial gages (the piece im holding) upwards to give further depth -'3Dness'- to the box. 

I wanted to keep to texture of the card visible (on the main box piece) and it's worked quite well.

Nothing's stuck down yet, that could prove to be the trickiest part i think! But i've just got to make to handle and the top buttons and then i can fix it all together.

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