Tuesday, 10 May 2011


So, i've managed to make two of the cubecraft pieces today, in amongst other things... and they took forever, were really fiddly and look kind of naff anyway due to my rubbish printer quality! But hey ho here they are!....

You can see the imperfections...all i had was pritt stick or industrial type glue, think i needed something inbetween!!

This one had a 'wooden' toybox and 6 building blocks with it. The blocks were pretty straight-forward but the toy box could have done with more tabs because it didn't stay together very well at the bottom.

N'aawww look at his lil face....!

I'm pretty sure after the patience and amount of time that it took to make these two, that for the installation project, i'm just gonna make up my own characters. Perhaps on a bigger scale these would have been easier although i don't think the print quality will be very good blown up to A2-ish.. Ahh well, we'll see what happens!...

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