Tuesday, 10 May 2011


So Dave emailed me this morning with a link to a 'cubecraft' site and since then i've been geekishly excited about all the stuff i've come across! I thought they just showed you examples of work but actually you can download the net and make your own. That's what i'm off to do now (well when i finish browsing researching anyway..) i'll start off with a few 'borrowed' ideas and then try and work out my own.

Here's a few of my favourites so far...

Designer Original - Mike Swindall

Jack Skellington

Anyways, i'm so eager to get making (laugh if you wish but i happen to like my geekazoid enthusiasm..) that you shall just have to discover your own if you're interested!

http://www.cubecraft.com - look at the 'blog' section for other designers/links

http://www.marshallalexander.net/ - none of the images seem to be working when i post them on here but check out this site, they're less 'digitally manipulated' for want of a better phrase. i.e. they look less fake...

Hopefully i have some success, i'll post the results later, whatever they may be! =)


  1. this looks epic, given me a few ideas for the installation, i've also landed some cardboard too, so we can pretty much start making bits and bobs when ever your ready

  2. Yeah it's given me ideas too, we can use the nets as rough for bigger versions aswell which makes things a bit easier. I could come in thursday if you're about to make stuff then or else wait until next week? I don't know whether it's better for us to plan it down to the tee or just go with it... Just go with it probably!...