Saturday, 7 May 2011

Another 'idea'...

Ideas are great but i need to actually sit down and do them instead of just assuming they'll look rubbish and avoiding them!!!
That said..... I remember a piece by Mr Bingo that i came across last year (but i can't find it anywhere now..) that was like the paper dolls you used to get with the fold-on clothes with tabs. He did a corner shop version with contents and shop keepers and i thought i could translate this idea for my project by having a figure and a hip-hop inspired outfit. I could make it as if it was intended to be used i.e: make scale clothing with tabs and 'cut here' lines or i could just draw the necessary parts arranged in an 'organised' sort of way. Like this....

However i do it, i want to use bold, clear lines, like Mr Bingo but perhaps experiment with different thicknesses of pens and see what works best.

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