Saturday, 7 May 2011

A creative trip to Naarrwich

I went to Norwich on Thursday, spent ages in a film shop (saw some old posters from the ICA and a million books i'd love to buy!), bought some piggy earphones and saw lots of Graphics- related stuff along the way...

I bought this t-shirt and i thought Paris was erm 'groping' herself, until my brother informed me that it's actually Minnie Mouse, standing behind her that's doing the feeling... It put a new spin on Disney for me!! Anyone looking at Disney interested??.. haha
As Paris would say: "That's so haawwt!"
Dunk Low SB (What The Dunk - Right Shoe) Keychain
I also got this 'What the Dunk' keyring which i made into a necklace, they had about 20 different shoes, i could have got seriously carried away! The detail is amazing, real shoelace, inside sole detail, Nike sole design, hand painted detail and a moveable tongue. I love it!

The naff quality of these pictures don't do it justice but i shall no doubt be wearing it on monday so you can all 'av a butchers' then! =)
And last but not least, i saw a Shepard Fairey wall out the shop 'Catfish', i doubt he actually did it in person but anyways it shows how far spread his 'Obey' designs have travelled.

There was smaller detail with the Giant faces built in and bold, repeated patterns both in red and black on each side. I liked how the main poster was ripped and formed the middle panel, it reminds me of a totem pole. The naturally worn quality and the facet that someone else has tagged (really badly) on top gives it that genuine street aesthetic and made me like it even more. I wonder how many people walk past it each day and don't give it any thought or recognise the artist. They would know Fairey if you said 'he did the Obama poster' but ironically not for this 'Obey' piece that was how he started out. It's kind of made me think Fairey's turned into a sell-out. Silly man....
Someone had decided to park their truck right in front of the wall so i couldn't get great pictures but you get the idea...
As i said in my essay presentation, art is everywhere. My trip on Thursday proved that. Literally!

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