Monday, 28 February 2011

Toy Story - the graphic novel edition. Need i say more!?...

Browsing the comic-book store in town recently, i came across BoomKids which is a publishing house in America that recreates Disney and Disney-Pixar stories in a comicbook format. The comics and graphic novels are aimed at 7-12 year olds but i enjoy the stories all the same, they're quite comical and along with the fact that different illustrators work on each issue, really appeals to me because it presents you with different versions of familiar characters. I've liked Toy Story (and anything Toy Story related!) since i was 6 and the first film came out and so to see a comic-style version was quite exciting for me. I've got a few of the individual comics but they are hard to get hold of now and so the full graphic novel versions (including all issues) are now on their way to me from America. I really like the way this series demonstrates the diversity of interpretations of such familiar characters and they provide me with the inspiration to create my own versions.

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