Monday, 28 February 2011

Lauren Child... (the modern day Eric Carle?)

A few years ago my neice recieved a new storybook, something about a little girl not liking tomatoes and her older brother trying to get her to eat them. It quickly became her favourite story and i was endlessly reading the somewhat nonsensical and repetitive tale until i could take no more! Charlie and Lola had landed and honestly, i hated them. The story was difficult to read because it was written like: "Charlie did this, Lola said that, Charlie said no, Lola agreed" and so on, it was almost tongue-twisting and along with the unorthodox layout of type, it was just a headache... What i'm guessing to be 5 years on, my opinions have totally changed. The use of collage within the books, the variety of text layouts and type choices, the characters (stylised in a way reminiscent of Quentin Blake) and the comical storylines have formed somewhat of an industry and become very successful. Despite still not being the easiest text to read, the visual qualities far overcome this and have provided a me with a vast amount of inspiration.

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