Monday, 28 February 2011

Initial ideas for America project...

I want to address the idea that American TV and movies (almost always) use beautiful, 'perfect', skinny female actresses. I, along with a large proportion of girls/young women today i should think, always compare myself to these women and wish that i had the physical features they do. I feel it definately is an American thing, if you compare Skins (uk) to 90210 (us), you can clearly see the difference between the 'normal' girls and the 'idealistic' ones. I'm not sure how i can address this issue in terms of graphic media or without creating something pointless. I want to really say something, create something personal to me and have a sense of emotion to attached to it because it's a big deal to me and something that i think about on a daily basis. I don't want it to end up as some wierd form of therapy either but i'd like to take the opportunity to approach this is brief in a personal way. So, in short, i'd like to approach the idea of televised/commercial beauty that is so influencial in American culture and show the negative effects on it's audience.


  1. I really like this idea Bethy, I think it is very current and you can do alot with it! We all feel fat compared to some of those skinny bitches out there (who are like the size of my little finger!!). What would be a good thing to do, is ask around how people feel about this? And how if it does effect them atall in there life? That shows that you are taking into account other peoples views and opinions when producing a visual piece! LOVE IT!!

  2. That is indeed a good idea, thankyou. I'll probably do a confidential questionnaire that people can just post in a box or something, seeing as it's quite a personal subject and that way people will hopefully take part and can be honest. Good thinking batman! =)